Tuesday, February 4, 2020

BUS DB4 opening of a presentation is crucial Essay

BUS DB4 opening of a presentation is crucial - Essay Example Objectives should be established from the start.Bring out your personality in the presentation. Make it your own, do not imitate others. When you believe in a topic or concept it is easier to present and also to live by. Maintaining a good balance and keep it interactive will get your opening message across effectively. AIDS presentation: opening was not effective and why Non effective way of opening and presentation: 1. The audience is seated and waiting as the speaker comes rushing in a total frenzy. 2. Does not apologies for being late. 3. Takes at least 10 minutes to get organized. 4. After introducing himself he says "Today you are going to learn all you need to know to protect yourself against HIV infection" a. For the first 15 minutes he waffled on and on, giving statistics and showing overheads about the distribution of the spread of HIV. 5. Then in a "goofy" voice said that condoms should be burned as it just promotes promiscuity. 6. Upon closing he opened the floor for questions, but only answered 4 questions and then said "OK that is it; I hope you all have an HIV free life. Remember true love waits!!" Reasons why Opening and Presentation was ineffective 1. Not prepared 2. Had not done research as to who his audience was going to be relevant to them. 3. Had no idea on how to address teenagers. 4. Had no interaction with the audience. 5. His Opening was only Statistics. 6. He gave information that was totally misleading. 7. There was minimal room for questions. 8. It was more a one-sided opinionated sermon Reference(s) Mary Munter, COPYRIGHT 1998 Meeting Technology: From Low-Tech to High-Tech. Contributors: - author....For example, an Aids presentation to a group of Teenagers, it is essential to touch on basic topics such as self-esteem, peer pressure, social myths, etc. Beginning immediately with statistics and charts you will immediately lose their attention. This can be observed in their body language, i.e. fidgeting, drawing, no eye contact, etc. If you open the presentation with an introduction, statement, story or an interactive game, you will retain the audience throughout the presentation. An interactive game can be used to demonstrate how the HIV virus is spreads instead of just verbally giving facts. High-Tech. Contributors: - author. Journal Title: Business Communication Quarterly. Volume: 61. Issue: 2. Publication Year: 1998. Page Number: 80+. COPYRIGHT 1998 Association for Business Communication; COPYRIGHT 2002 Gale Group

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