Thursday, November 14, 2019

Essay --

Notorious gang approaches a man with a red shirt and beats him to death for sleeping with the wrong woman. The man wronged the gang first, but the gang overreacted by beating him to death, who is at fault? Luckily, we have laws created by the Legislature to protect us and guide us in such situations, laws the president at that time agreed upon and that are interpreted by the judicial system. This is known as the system of checks and balances, introduced by our nation’s forefathers in attempt to balance the power in this new country. Though it was obviously necessary back then, it is still necessary today in this very age. The system of checks and balances plays a major role when our forefathers were writing the constitution as they were making sure no one area of government had too much power of the others. Using checks and balances, our forefathers made sure each one of the three branches of government can limit the powers of the others. It is a cycle that often begins when the legislative branch introduces a bill. Then the bill heads off to the executive branch, where the President decides whether he (or yet to be she) believes that the bill is good for the country. If the bill seems good for the country, the President signs the bill, and it becomes a law. It is called a veto when the President doesn’t sign the bill. However, if ⅔ of the legislature votes to pass the bill, the legislative branch can override the executive veto, and the bill will then become a law. Once a law is in place, it is up to the judicial branch to interpret said law and determine, through cases, whether or no t the law is constitutional. If a citizen of the United States believes a law is unfair, a lawsuit can be filed. Lawyers will argue for and ag... ...very nationality found was included, as well as an equal number of male and female). Our country needs this system now in this very age not only to satisfy the 22% of students that know what the system is, but in order to make sure our politicians do not acquire so much influence and/or power that they can control this beautiful, diverse, and wondrously helping nation where the people who live in it can follow their dreams until the end of their lives. The system of checks and balances are necessary today just as they are necessary back when they were written by the forefathers of our nation. The judicial branch interprets laws made from bills signed by the President who receives those bills from the Legislature. And so the victims of crimes are in luck. Crimes such as the murder of an man by a gang for sleeping with the wrong woman may then be brought to justice.

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