Friday, November 1, 2019

Strategic business analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 5000 words

Strategic business analysis - Essay Example Moreover, the improvements in infrastructures and technology contributed to the development of several motorcycles producing firms. In India, Hero-Honda is a household name when it comes to motorcycles. Obviously, the name suggests that the company was once composed of two independent motorcycle manufacturers. Gradually, the economic situation and several aspects paved for the merger. At present, the company occupies the top spot in terms of market share. Although it appears that the decision to merge was strategic in nature, some observers consider other reasons for the decisions. The complexities of strategic cooperation and collaboration make the situation an interesting point of analysis. The discussion will concentrate on the nature of the Hero-Honda partnership and its perceived benefits and drawbacks. This is determined through the comparison with Hero-Honda and among its competitors. The financial position of the company will serve as evidence of the success that has become the prime motivation of Hero-Honda to pursue higher goals. Honda traces its roots from Japan, which houses the likes of Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Toyota. These companies are world-class automotive manufacturers and embraced by majority of the automotive consumers. Honda is recognised as one of the leaders in the motorcycle industry. Its operations expand worldwide and have 437 subsidiaries scattered across the globe. The branch located in India is one of the largest. From its humble beginnings, Honda quickly made a huge impact with its cutting edge technological advancements and top notch motorcycles. Also, Honda's concern to the environment and the society where it operates is being admired. The product line of Honda ranges from small scoters to massive vehicles. For years, the development strength of Honda has made the company upbeat with the changes in the industry. Surprisingly, its unconventional approach in dealing with its clients has provided the company with increased benefits. The goal of Honda is to produce with unparalleled quality and to continue its improvement in the future. Honda aims to thrive in a society where the customers demand its existence. Honda revolves around the notion of respect to individuals and the promotion of three joys: buying, selling, and creating. The management principle seeks to maintain global viewpoint and the assurance that only the best products will be provided to customers. More important, the prices of Honda merchandises are lower than the competition and provide the highest level of customer satisfaction. 1.2. Hero Cycles Hero is centred in the philosophy of commitment, teamwork, and foresight. Even before India's independence of United Kingdom, Hero was already starting to make a name. The initial step was to sell bicycle parts and the plan expanded after a few years of operations. Unfortunately economic stagnation paralysed the progress of the company. Since the plan was to expand, Hero started moving in different areas and began the process of manufacturing bicycle parts. Then, Hero proceeded with the production of bicycles. The Guinness Book of Records certified Hero Cycles as the largest producer of bicycle in the world. The company controlled 48% of the market in India and Hero continued to hold the lead in the industry. The managers of Hero are known for their meticulous planning. The strategy of Hero was to focus on the strength and prevent the weaknesses from making strong impacts. The simple

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